Tuesday, November 25, 2008

stupid test

I just took a depression test as a joke, and it says I'm on the way to being depressed i should try to be more happy or some shit or else ill be depressed. Stupid thing doesn't know what its going on about. Im happy atm, just extremerly tired -yawns- and I don't enjoy doing some things I used to. Ohwellz I no I'm all good so nothing else matters.

Don't really have much else to say. Been pretty boring weeks lately, no fighting with anyone because I'm keeping out of it. Driving is going better then it was though, I have weekly lessons now, have to try go out driving with my dad soon though to get my hours up, only on 20.

I have had no exams, which I'm about, but I'm a big brother now. I so far had fun with the little kids, the homegroup that me and Raymond had on transition day was good. They where loud but shut up when i told them to and where making jokes and wern't to shy. So the perfect mix =D. Hopfully me and Raymond get most of them next year.

Lately I have had no time to do much and I've been screwed since friday night when i stayed up till 4 around Zowtyjs. No clue why, I have been going to bed at like 6-9 everyday except monday night. Usually I get over tiredness after one earlier night and I have had many... weird... ohwellz im out till next time

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lovereigno'erme said...

You're a fat man.


I kid, I kid.

You not fat skinny bitch.