Friday, October 17, 2008

First Week Back

Ok first off i will use paragreaphs for you winging poms =P. The reason why i didn't have any was because I was wrting that as a about me, then decided that would be my Blog insted =P.

Anyways, onto the subject, my first week back at school. HATED IT!!!

Don't think I can be much clearer can I??? One of most boring weeks of my life i swear to god. Well maybe not to god, don't believe in anything like that... Anyways, pretty much all week just sitting in class doing nothing, just waiting for the term to finnish so I can finally do subjects that actually mean something.

Hmm.. what work have i done this week... Woodwork I sanded every lesson because its all I can do, Design I finnished off one assignment and drew 4 words woop-de-do, Aus studies I wrote one page of nothingness, Maths I have drawn stuff and talked all week, Media I have listened to music all week for my "project", Chem I finnished the one sheet we got in half a lesson and still waiting for the rest of the class to catch up, then english watched movies and picked up peices of paper, wow really meaningfull week for school.

Should've I gone... in my opion no, except maybe for one lesson of design, if I didn't go to any lesson I would have just been behind in 2 subjects, and that would be extremerly easy to catch up on...

But there where some fun times at lunch, especially that i won the licking contest between me and Lari. I met a new kid called Nick, stolen his hat many a time now, hes halarious, helps me annoy Lari and Lynley, therefore a legend in my books. Watched Shazz get cake in the face then returned it to sender, halarious. Also burnt my leg hair, burnt many other things and annoyed many people =D. Them times I wouldn't trade for most things, unless it involves hanging around these peoples out of school =P.

Walked home Tuesday to Adams and stayed there for awhile, fun =D. Wednesday got to walk home with the one and only Ashie, halarious at times =D. And finally to Joshs house with him and Travis to fix his xbox and play some games, fun again. One of the few reasons I go to school is to walk home after with detores =D. Again wouldn't trade most these times for much else =D.

But in other news I am applying to being a big brother for next year which will be so fun =D, also next Friday im going to be at rundel mall all day (well 4 hours) rasing money for Youth Oppz =D. Im having a very helpful week at the moment =P.

Another random fact of this week I stapled my thumb. I have a mixture of proudness, confuzzeledness and rolling on the floor luaghingness to this =P. Still don't understand why i done it, but proud of that i actually done it, AND IT WAS FUCKING HALARIOUS!!!.

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laryissa said...

lol. good times, good times
you're raising money for youth opps????