Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hmmm... I never know how to start these things off... so ill just rambel, im good at doing that, i can go for ages about nothing really, well onto me, even though that was about me, but not me me, now im talking to myself... -slaps self- well anyways, I live for here and now, i barely look back on good slash bad times (why did I write slash???) and definatally don't think about the future, i cruze though life goin with the flow, I like it that way, barely anything to look forward to, so nothing to dissapoint me, but Im not a person that hides in the shadows, I dont like it there, its boring, im out there doing stuff, not thinking about what effects it would have to me, good example I've hurt my foot, like bad, and I went to a pool party, i fliped into the pool and hit my foot hard on the water, hurt like hell, said i wouldnt do it again, but then others wouldn't flip in, so I done it again to show them it isnt that hard, now its stuffed up my foot more... not to good of a idea, another thing about me... well this year I've completly changed the person i am, im alot more serious at times, i actually trust people, liked someone for the first time(yus first time), had more confidence, and actually caring about others and things around me, this is because of many things, the first person to start this change is called Ashie, she came in at the right time in my life, and same for me for her apprentally, then i started trusting people, i made new and better friends with the people i sit around with now plus some that arn't there, and of course youth opps which made me relize and build on these things, many would think that is what changed me, but honestly it wasnt, it had a bit of a effect, but it was many things at once, but anyways now im alot different, and a good example of something i would never do before this year is that next week im doing a community service thing with youth opps, should be fun, ill blog about it once ive done it, by the way sorry about bad grammar slash spelling, god damit I done it again, I might go though this at a later time and make it better layout, but at the moment I cant be bothered, I dislike my family on a completly off topic thing, I hate what they think about life, I hate there beliefs, I hate what they think about other people (especially one), I hate them in general, Ill continue this another time, but for now I think I've nearly covered everything, only thing left for me to say is SUPPORT AUS HIP-HOP!!! love it, so much meaning behind some of it, music in general has raised me from the age of about 10, and its done a good job to, given me thoughts and morals that are the exact opposite of my parents, so as i said before dont get along much... ohwellz thats the end fokes, untill next time c-c-c-c-catchjaz


laryissa said...

and holy crap this is why we were given the gift of paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

Rofl. I appear to have created some sort of blogging thing. First Larissa, now you.
Awesome, good to see I'm not the only one who blogs.
"I blog pretty hard."
Oh, I love my references that no one gets lol
I agree. Paragraphs come in handy.
I love you Luke.
Sorry if that was random, just feel like I don't say it enough.